Bonniepet are the grooming feature partner of the The Dog Lover Show Grooming Feature for 2019. Bonnie Pet Parlour specialises in full-service dog grooming, dedicated to the highest quality care in a nurturing ad relaxed atmosphere. Our staff have been trained to deliver high customer and pet satisfaction, picked for their talent and passion for grooming. We believe that all dogs, whether big or small, should be treated like royalty, which is why we have a large menu of services, making it convenient to pick and choose what's best for your pooch. Leading the pack with our integrity, credibility and 100% dedication makes us the right choice for you Fido.

What you can expect at the bonnie pet stand

Visit us at The Dog Lover Show for a Bonnie Pet Bubble Thera bath presentation! We believe that we are one of the first grooming salons, if not the first, in Scotland to offer this treatment. This is a deep cleansing treatment that involves millions of microscopic bubbles that deep clean down into the hair follicles and remove all bacteria deep in the skin and stimulates hair growth. It is 100% chemical free and is the best natural treatment for any form of skin irritation.

This treatment stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies the skin, removes old/dead skin, conditions hair. It is a brilliant natural treatment for skin hot spots, eczema, dermatitis, demodectic Mange, ear infections, yeast infections, folliculitis. If your pooch as a skin irritation of any form, this treatment will sort it out. Come and see the magical cleansing power of this amazing treatment!

We'll also be doing grooming demonstrations, offering our favourite grooming products and amazing discounts on services offered in our parlour!

Just some of the products on sale at the Bonnie Pet stand

For more information about Bonnie Pet and the services we offer, please visit our website

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