Pleased to announce the training feature at this years show is partnered by Canine Ambassador. Canine Ambassador trainers will be on the stand all weekend to help answer any questions you may have about behavioural issues or training your dog. Like humans no two dogs are the same. Fiona and Paul, founders of Canine Ambassador, hold regular group training sessions across the central belt. Their team will have some of the students dogs who are at various stages on the CA programme on the stand to demonstrate what can be achieved.’.



Our aim is to improve the behaviour and welfare of dogs throughout the UK so they can

integrate successfully in to the modern world. We will do this by offering programmes that allow people and their dogs to work together, creating partnerships. It’s more than just dog training, it’s about confidence, enrichment, fulfilment and understanding.



Canine Ambassador is the new pioneering dog and puppy training programme which aims to take dog guardianship in the UK to a new level.

Promoting responsible dog guardianship, with dogs who are happy, well balanced, comfortable in day to day life and the world around them.

Whilst working within the dog industry it was apparent to our trainers there was a gap in the market for a programme which covered guardian education and responsibilities, environmental conditioning, obedience and most importantly, the emotional and physical well-being of the dog.

Enter, the Canine Ambassador programme.

A comprehensive dog and puppy training programme which has been created aiming to develop the dog you can take any place any time, meeting legal requirements and public expectations in terms of the control that a handler has over their dog’s behaviour.

The programme by Canine Ambassador is unlike any other, and designed to be fun for both dog and guardian, with sessions held in a variety of accessible, central locations.

Become a Canine Ambassador today.


The main aim of the programme is to improve the behaviour and welfare of dogs throughout the UK so they can integrate successfully in to the modern world. 

However, it’s not just your beloved four legged friend who will benefit from participation. Not only will the programme strengthen the bond between your dog and you, it’s guardian, it will lead to an all-round better understanding of dog behaviour and training. It’s likely you’ll both make loads of new friends through the organised training events and classes.

Let’s work together to reduce the many reasons dogs need to be rehomed, offered up for adoption or euthanasia.

Let’s create the calm, confident, well behaved dogs who are happy and eager to please.

Let’s do all this ethically without cruel and fear based methods.


To find out more about Canine Ambassador please visit their website –

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