The Dog Lover Show is a family-friendly event with 100’s of friendly dogs doing wonderful things to make the children smile. Between the main stage performances and the 100’s of dogs at the breed club stands there is plenty to occupy and keep children happy.

  • This year’s children’s zone is extra special as it is partnered by Animals & You and Animal Planet Magazine.
  • Young visitors are in for a treat free magazine gifts and lots of educational and fun things to keep them happy and busy. do.
  • Little ones will love the Animals & You stand and 7-10 years olds Animal Planet Magazine stand in the exclusive children’s zone.
  • Main stage acts The Drakes Of Hazard invite children to particpate with sheep dogs and drakes being herded roud the main stage!
  • Other performances may involve children from the audience.
  • The Young Scottish Kennel Club will also host a demonstration both days. Inspiring our children to learn and work with our dogs.

All features at the dog lover show are free and are at no extra cost to the visitor. Just Added – Kids Zone Bonus – Free ”Animals and You’ Magazines at the kids zone complimnents of DC Thomson Publshing

Rest assured there will be plenty going on to keep your little ones happy!


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