K9 CleanCoats are bespoke bodysuits tailored to keep your dog cosy, clean & dry on wet/muddy/snowy walks, preventing soakings & snowballing. Who said dog walking in the rain can’t be fun! These dog suits have 4 full-length legs with elasticated ankles & a hood (worn as a poloneck) to be pulled up on cold, wet days – ideal for elderly or sick dogs. There is sufficient stretch in the fabric to make them easy to put on/remove and to allow them to stay in place when the dog is running around. Select from over 70 different plain, patterned & tartan fabrics! K9 CleanCoats are also available in lightweight fabric as a proven effective coverall for dogs suffering with skin allergies & mite bites. K9 CleanCoat Baths are made-to-measure microfibre towelling bodysuits to speed up drying of wet dogs – ideal when away in the caravan. Dogs love curling up in these luxurious dog robes after their bath. Enjoy the photos on the website & Facebook page! Gift Vouchers available


The Emmipet ultrasonic toothbrush was originally introduced to the UK around 2013 for use on dogs, cats & horses & I had known about it for sometime before I decided to try it. My 9 year old American Cocker Spaniel, Toto, was recently in need of another trip to the vet for an anesthetic & thorough descale, with the possibility of more removals, despite him being on a raw meat & bone diet & me using various expensive top-of-the-range doggie toothpastes/brushes & food additives on him that are supposed to prevent plaque build-up. I was very sceptical about whether it would work, but after 3 weeks of use was so amazed at the results and the simplicity of its use that I’ve decided to promote it to my friends & K9 CleanCoats customers. Whilst ideal for pet dog owners to use at home on a regular basis, I believe this toothbrush will turn around the oral health of dogs generally when it is widely offered as a service in grooming salons & other pet care businesses. The Emmipet toothbrush is vibration-free & no actual brushing or scrubbing is necessary. The teeth cleaning system is very simple, non-invasive, effective & will benefit not only the dog’s teeth, but their health in general, as unhealthy teeth & gums will affect the dog’s whole body. I am quite sure you will find that it has been a great investment.