The Manchester Terrier (MT) is a vulnerable native British breed. In 2017, 160 puppies were registered with the Kennel Club (KC). The breeds history goes back to Tudor and Victorian times when they were known as ‘Black and Tan Terriers’. The Black and Tan was bred for a purpose, to hunt and catch vermin. It required an intelligent, agile dog that had a quick turn at speed and was fast. The British Manchester Terrier Club’s (BMTC) aim is to preserve and promote the Manchester Terrier and its true type, conformation, health and character for future generations. Manchester’s makes a great family pet. It is easy to train and is very lovable. They are an active intelligent dog and want to be part of everything that you do. It can be chasing balls, hiking, hunting, helping you unpack the shopping or giving you a big cuddle under the duvet.


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