Glenbrae Vets are The Dog Lover Show 2019 exclusive Vets Feature Partner and the recommended vets for the show. At the huge Vets Feature Stand you will find friendly professionals, with Q& A’s and short talks on daily for the adults and similarly to last years vets feature, an exclusive Kids Vet Feature. One of the most popular features in 2108 was the Children’s Vet Club and Glenbrae Vets children’s interactive feature is set to be even better. With vets in Bearsden, Dumbarton and Muirhead Glenbrae have been caring for pets and their owners since 1990.


As the West of Scotland’s first fully integrated holistic and conventional vet practice we pride ourselves in being at the leading edge of modern veterinary care.

And here are 7 reasons why your pet will benefit from visiting one of our modern clinics.

  1. We use an integrated conventional and holistic approach to health and disease. This means keeping your pet safe from potential side effects that certain medications can cause. Preventative healthcare is applied sensibly when required.
  2. We make recommendations to you and treat your pet as an individual ensuring their every need is met. Guaranteed estimates are prepared in advance of any treatments or procedures to give you peace of mind.
  3. We have our very own Accredited Fear Free Practitioner ensuring we minimise the stress for clients and their pets.
  4. As a truly integrated and holistic clinic we offer homoeopathy, laser therapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy alongside modern diagnostics and conventional treatments. Including visiting specialists in oncology, ultrasonography and more complex surgical procedures.
  5. Uniquely we offer stem cell therapy mainly for musculoskeletal problems, but this is an area of increasing research for other conditions.
  6. We offer conventional healthcare plans and holistic plans which allows titre testing and worm counts to be used in place of conventional therapy and we can supply a natural alternative for flea and tick prevention.
  7. We have vets trained in nutrition offering advice on biologically appropriate diets including RAW for your pet.

To find out more and take part in the Glenbrae fun family activities, visit the Vets Feature stand at the Dog Lover Show 2019.

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